Tuesday, October 9, 2007


i moved to the UK in the fall of 2004. the decision was not easy since i have gotten used to the slow pace of life, however job prospects were not as rewarding and are even less fulfilling in Manila. as much as i hated it i had to take on very long hours in the distribution sector just north of Manchester. i was just lucky i got work immediately then circumstances changed and i got full time office job and a part time job with a drinks retail chain. the wine stores company then started an NVQ program for employees run by Preston College but was done on premises, so i was able to get extra retail training during work which was great. not long after though the company was dissolved and i had more time on my hands than i was normally used to. i then started rethinking of the stuff i always wanted to do and maybe i can make something out of it. so i started doing a lot of research. it took me months and months but i gleaned a lot of information and resources but it was time well spent. i decided to devote time into setting up a small business and i soon started collating project ideas. i also made an investment with getting my very own embroidery sewing machine.

and so it began...

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