Saturday, October 13, 2007

cardstock love...

I made handmade tags today.

midi reinforced tags

... I used my vintage guillotine. It was a flea market find. I loved it for its vintage-y style and i thought I will find a use for it one day. Curiously enough, after looking for nice packaging and bits for the shop, I decided to make my own business cards and now tags. I love working with paper and card stock. I used to love making paper flowers for Christmas and card making. Its the intricate work with your fingers and the material, the tangible process of making something delicate and colourful and useful.

handmade luggage tags

recycled poo business cards
 I still make things although my guillotine has seen better days and now has to be retired permanently. I now use a more streamlined swordfish cutter - it does the work but not as romantic and quaint as my old cutter... 

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