Thursday, October 11, 2007

queen of the damned

Blood, gore, carnage, torture, mass murder and death… overpowering themes that you will find all through out this book, but let these not discourage or shock you from reading, Anne Rice’s third instalment of the chronicles of the vampires. Although, the prevailing premise is morbid, the book is full of characters from the preternatural family tree of Lestat the Brat Prince. It starts immediately from the cliff hanger ending of the 2nd book the Vampire Lestat, and continues to introduce different characters along the first several chapters. The later part of the book takes the reader across different continents as the queen of the damned Akasha, with her now consort Lestat, races across the world wrecking havoc and murder and destroying all the undead that Lestat does not care for. They head for the inevitable confrontation with the rest of the remaining undead who are now plotting to destroy both Lestat and Akasha. Highly interesting read, if you are into vampires and stuff. The part where Anne Rice explains the source of all vampires is also very innovative. I love the part where Marius finds Armand after all that time, it’s heartbreaking almost better than when Louis comes back to Lestat. Anyway they are both heart wrenching. Also do not think the book is anything like the movie. It’s an entirely different story. Let me not ruin the end for you by telling you what happened, rather I’ll just say, it would have been nice if they all remained in the Night Island, but that is not what the undead do.A very entertaining read, if you want to know more about the Ricean vampires and their origins.

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