Wednesday, October 10, 2007

trial & error

as i started making handmade items, i was plagued with a multitude of ideas and inspirations but was strapped for time, since i was still working full time during this time. holding a day job and setting up a business was a juggling act and most times it was the business that suffered. even so, i was able to try out and make different patterns and designs and found out by trial and error the designs that sold and the ones that lingered. i started listing my products on eBay and by happen stance discovered Etsy, an American based market, similar to eBay but they concentrate only on handmade goods and craft supplies. finding this site was fantastic, mostly as members are in the same crafty mind frame that i was in. Etsy has a lot of resources and articles that are really helpful if you are starting your own home business and specially if you are considering quitting your day job to go full time on your craft.

below are some of the first projects i made.

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mariel parton said...

hehe...tenchue for this post but i dont understand some words ang lalim kase ng english u hehe...pero tnx yeh both of dada water hehe mwuah...