Thursday, October 11, 2007

new e-commerce site

After toying with the idea for some time and doing some numbers on the viability of launching an e-commerce website, i’ve decided to take the plunge.  have tried Moonfruit, Wix and Wordpress and so far, the site most user friendly to me is Wix. The only downside with Wix and it’s a big downside is having no local site search capability. It seems a bit duh, that a team of web techies haven’t written the code yet to enable search on websites developed with their site builder. I’ve started with the HTML coded website but halfway through developing the site, Wix launched the HTML5 builder. After a bit more reading and research, I decided it’s more logical to go with the HTML5, but and it’s still a big BUT, no site search. There is actually a long support discussion thread going on for years (I think) dedicated to Wix’s growing clientele demanding the site search coding. Anyway, I have looked and tried the recommended search apps, but they are all not just suitable. For one thing, after a few searched, the app deactivates and you can only use it if you have a paid subscription which is a bit sneaky I would say since I think a search app should be free for paying website subscription holders. Anyway, all in all the builder I am currently using is really easy to use so I still stuck with them. You can check out the site and the cute goodies I add nearly everyday on this link. I’ve added categories on the header menu and sub categories on the pages for easier navigation, and hopefully soon we will see the elusive site search tool.

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